10 июл 2014 Легендарная лампа GU-78B ГУ78Б. HF amplifier at GU-78B/КВ усилитель на ГУ-78Б. R0CBB Константин Клементьев.


ik5swprojet. IK5TSW REALIZATIONS. GU 78B - HF GU 43B- HF 3CX1500A7 - 8877. New Realization fo HF: with a tetrode 4CX5000A all automatic tune and 

0 sold, 3 available. In this amplifier a tetrode GU 78b is used in a grounded-cathode circuit (input into control grid). This amplifier achieves excellent linearity by the voltage stabilization of the control grid bias and the screen voltage. The power input is given to the control grid, using a broadband input circuit with an input impedance of 50 Ohms. Carl, The GU84B and the so called 4CX1600B are completely different tubes.


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Views. 6 years ago V d u ^ ull Yl d+ It ldl IM B a k It 11C1 t,' IT 78 b. v T r t Z *l H stalle,  The Vidella Hotel Blackpool. 78B Dickson Road, Fy1 2Bu, Blackpool, Storbritannien.

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About 2m GU-78b 4 kW Amplifier The resource is currently listed in dxzone.com in a single category. The main category is Amateur linear amplifiers that is about VHF linear amplifiers. This link is listed in our web site directory since Wednesday Jul 21 2010, and till today " 2m GU-78b 4 kW Amplifier " has been followed for a total of 1345 times.

Bottom view (halfway) Pi-L filter . The schematic of HA-Power . Power-tower NOS Tube tested in OM3500 PA. Tube nr1 Легендарная лампа GU-78B ГУ78Б


23 aug. 2551 BE — Peter555: Då kommer du gilla en framtida projekttråd jag ska skapa när jag bygger mitt planerade automatavstämda steg med GU-78B :). Upp.


Discharge the 400uF capacitor charged to 150 V between the first grid and the cathode. It helped, but so far only for the next 50 hours of work.


PHP 2,424.60 shipping  Oct 31, 2013 Kepler-78b, named after the Kepler space telescope that discovered it, is 400 light years away.
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1200dt gd.

Name: GU78B: Type: tetrode: Cathode type: oxide,indirect heating: Application field: power amplification in distributed amplifier and amplification of SSB signals up to 1.5kW up to 75MH Svetlana GU-78b: Input network: 50 Ohm, 200 W HF Resistor, 5 pol. Chebychev Low Pass Filter: Output network: Inductor: 20 uH, Caps: 250 pF var. + 390 pF fixed / 1000 pF var. + 1 nF fixed: Computer control Sockets for the GU-78b are found more easily than those for GU-73b.
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NOS Tube tested in OM3500 PA. Tube nr1

Fastigheten på Rådjursvägen 78B är ett flerfamiljshus byggt 1979. Göteborgs universitet.

GU-78B (ГУ-78Б ) Tube Condition-NOS, Never Used. Easy to tell by theBLUEOTK stamps, which easily fade and turn gray when used due the heating. Please note- Minor bents/dents on the cooler and metal parts, due storage without original box, as pictured.

753 20 Uppsala. Telefon 010-615 60 00 gu bb än ge n da gv att en u tr ed nin g re.

4.5 KV & 1000 pF var. 2 KV + fixed caps: Computer control Carl, The GU84B and the so called 4CX1600B are completely different tubes. Similarly the 4CX1600U / GS23B is quite different from the now extinct GU91B.